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C&C Group provides the ultimate in fire protection technology. From integrated fire alarm systems to fire suppression, we work to create a solution that fits your budget while protecting your assets. Our fire safety team targets your success by maintaining your system’s operational integrity and your peace of mind.


From small standalone systems to complete integrated fire monitoring solutions, C&C Group targets all of our customer’s fire protection needs. To make you more efficient and to better protect your assets, our life safety systems offer a single point of control as well as mass notification abilities.

Combining these features gives you the ultimate resource in protection. C&C Group’s staff of NICET certified professionals provide any level of service and support required for your new or existing fire safety systems. We offer fire monitoring systems, fire extinguishing systems, hoods, and sprinklers. We can take charge of any size project from a small system addition to a new multi-facility campus application. From engineering and CAD design, submittals and certification, to testing and commissioning, C&C Group is there to ensure a successful project.

Maintaining your system’s operational integrity is vital to limiting liability and ensuring NFPA compliance. C&C Group provides complete certification, maintenance and testing programs, along with 24-hour emergency service, scheduled inspections, and full maintenance programs to assure that your systems are operational and reliable at all times.


Integrate with competing brands.


From mass notification to fire suppression, our solutions expand to fit you.


Make whole system replacement a thing of the past.


Easy to use and maintain.

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