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When designing a new data center or retrofitting an existing, all designs should take into account the Power Usage Effectiveness ratio or PUE which is a measure of a data center’s energy efficiency.  In order to achieve the theoretical ideal PUE of 1, strategies such as hot/cold aisle containment must be evaluated.  This strategy allows you to only cool the areas that need to maintain specific temperatures while letting other non-temperature sensitive areas maintain higher temperatures, therefore lowering your energy consumption and your PUE.  No two data centers are alike, so let our team help you design a containment solution custom fit to your specifications.  For existing data centers, our team can design and provide you an ROI for implementing the containment strategy.  For those data centers that employ access floor, there are additional solutions such as directional airflow panels that offer compelling return on investment and lower your operating costs further. 

Another way to increase the effectiveness of your data center and to lower your capital costs is to deploy a structural ceiling solution.  Structural ceiling replaces custom-built on-site solutions such as unistrut with a less expensive and faster to install product.  As your data center grows, the structural ceiling solution allows you to easily add cable trays, bus bars and other heavy accessories future proofing your investment.


Lower your total cost of ownership.


Easy and cost effective to grow.


Designed to meet your data center's specifications.


Combines acoustical ceiling and structural grid into a single unit.

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