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Through access floor and airflow management, C&C Group provides high performance and sustainable solutions for commercial and data center environments. C&C Group supplies systems that improve occupant satisfaction, increase productivity, improve energy use while enhancing indoor environmental quality.

Our products offer innovative solutions to future proof data centers and achieve exemplary energy efficiency performance.  C&C’s airflow panels and controls provide effective containment by automatically monitoring and adjusting airflow to the equipment to maintain the optimal balance between cooling and efficiency.  We also offer best-in-class aisle containment systems and unique fully contained cabinets for maximizing data center efficiency through expanding inlet air temperatures.  Also, available is the revolutionary way to suspend large items within a data center.  Structural ceiling allows you to design and specify a support solution that is less expensive and faster to install than a solution such as unistrut.  From Fortune 500 companies to colocation and cloud operations, C&C continues to redefine data center airflow management.

In commercial applications, the benefits of access floor & structured cabling are easy to see.  Facility operation and maintenance savings are immediate and considerable. Unmatched energy efficiency is achieved with under floor air systems. Then, there’s the flexibility. Access floor, under floor air, and plug & play wire and cable, streamline configurations and reduce remodel costs.  

There are many benefits to choosing an Underfloor Air Management system (UAM). When implemented with the building design, UAM technologies are first-cost comparable to conventional air distribution systems. They ensure fresher air, reduced energy usage, and better space utilization. UAM systems are also a great way to increase your Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating.


Reduced operating costs and lower maintenance costs.


Extend capacity and prolong data center life.


Easily adapts to technical and organizational changes.


Reduce first cost and construction time.

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