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Customer Focused








Our philosophy is best represented by the four quadrants of a circle, illustrating those core principles that should remain in order to sustain our growth and longevity for years to come.  This philosophy represents our customers’ circle of life, and our company’s sustainability.  Like a circle, it is never ending.  If we continually focus on excelling in these four areas we will help others improve their lives while providing increased value to our Customers, Vendors, Associates and the Community. 


By strategically selecting new vendor relationships we are able to focus our effort on a limited number of products therefore providing our customers with the finest solutions.  The vendor experience is designed to promote new products we believe fit our business philosophy and therefore would make good business development opportunities for new and existing clients.


Our business thrives when our people thrive.  We recognize that continual investment in our associate’s development is essential, so they will continue to produce increasing amounts of value for you and our Organization.  We believe that in order to hire and maintain people that carry out our core values, we must provide an atmosphere that provides our people the freedom to explore new ideas, the opportunity to challenge the status quo, and the right to make decisions, keeping progress moving for our clients.

There is a reason why customer focus is listed at the top of our core values.  We believe if your focus is not on the customer then all the other values are of no significance.  Our solutions always take into consideration how you will have to maintain the product in the years to come.  We believe that you can always find a more cost effective solution, but is it the right solution for the long-term life of your facility?  Our people treat each site as if it is their own and take great pride in their work, so you can be assured that our customers are always our focus not the bottom line. 


Giving back to the community is last in line for a reason as it represents the re-birth of all the efforts previously described.  If we are successful in the other stages of the circle we are able to give back that success which gives us a head start toward our first section.  Being more involved with our community and our clients’ civic efforts will only provide for a stronger relationship between the two and allow us to differentiate our organization. 

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