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Extreme Networks

  • What’s Keeping Higher Education CIOs Up At Night? [INFOGRAPHIC]
    Data Center_SDN
    What’s Keeping Higher Education CIOs Up at Night from Extreme Networks CIOs are under pressure and their jobs are at risk. Nowhere is this truer than in higher education. Increasing costs, technology disruption, mounting student debt and competition for students have put the CIO in a...Read More

  • Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technologies Impacting Education in 2015 [Slideshare]

      Education and especially higher education IT people are often among the leaders in technology innovation. Yet, as the pace of change has accelerated, Gartner encourages even education IT leaders to consider drawing more on new technologies that are developing outside their community. ...Read More

  • What Does SDN Have to Offer for Data Center Security?

    Arguably the most popular topic this year at Interop 2015 has been Software-Defined Networking, or SDN. With a major announcement from Extreme Networks, as well as solutions showcased by other vendors, it is hard to argue that this is the future of network infrastructure, as we know it. However,...Read More